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by Brandy Rose July Events

Simple Weddings & Romantic Elopements

Pop Up Weddings are gaining popularity with many couples because of the simplicity and affordability.  Some couples want to have a big affair, but there are many who consider all the logistics and planning overwhelming or have other priorities such as travel.
What is a pop up wedding?  
There are no strict rules for pop up weddings, they are typically held on off-peak days.  One of the ways we save some money is by having them Monday-Thursday or Sundays. Pop up weddings are a simple way for couples to say "I do" in style, without all the fuss.  A pop up wedding could be a fancy elopement with just the couple or it could be a simple wedding on a Downtown Dallas rooftop with a few guests.  All you have to do is show up and have a blast! 
We offer two types of weddings: Simple Weddings & Romantic Elopements.
What is a Romantic Elopement?  
An Elopement is an intimate ceremony that focuses on the love being shared between two people with zero guests.  Maybe a sunset ceremony on a boat is what you are looking for?  Or maybe you want a lovely garden ceremony?  Let's talk and figure out what your ideal Big Day will look like.
What is a Simple Wedding?  
The Simple Wedding is fun and has a more spontaneous vibe.  You show up, say "I do", have some cake and champagne, and take some pictures.  Afterwards you can go party with your friends and family or have a fancy dinner, that part is up to you!  This wedding is best for 12 or more people, but we like to keep it under 24.  
All packages include the officiant, cake, champagne, florals and a short photo session with a bad-ass photographer.  Packages include everything you need to get married without the stress of searching for tons of vendors. 
simple wedding with green doors and red headed woman

Brandy Rose July Events is proud to present Simple Weddings. 


We also offer traditional wedding planning services, click HERE for full details.

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